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A whole lot of updates on AK – pics and video!

Hi everyone,

this space has been left unattended for a month at the very least, but I now have the opportunity to share with you what we’ve been doing over at We have car reviews up with several more on deck, a multitude of photos and our first original videos!

We attended the Americana Manhasset Concours D’Elegance on Oct. 10th. click here to see our video and photo gallery of the event.

This is our first venture into cutting a video for the site. It’s more of an exercise in what we hope to accomplish in the near future.

Also live is our long overdue review of the 2011 Hyundai Sonata Limited, a car I enjoyed but learned a painful lesson about time management and the delaying of writing a review. I have several new ones to write and I’m desperately trying to avoid repeating the same pattern.

Check out the Sonata review here.

And lastly, here are some shots for upcoming features on AutoKinesis:

Thanks for reading! Keep checking AutoKinesis for more news and articles!

and visit our youtube channel and let us know what you think of our new videos.

-Alex K-



2010 NY Auto Show – Updates soon!

expect a ton of data and photos soon!

-Alex K-


I like getting mail.

see you there 🙂



Getting up to speed…

Things have become both stagnant and tumultuous at the same time (if that’s possible), but I’ve made an attempt to blog a bit more regularly again with the most recent review up of NFS:Shift which you can also view at Autosavant. So just a couple quick points to go over today: = still a work in progress. I’ll say no more of it for now.

After Thanksgiving, I get my hands on my first hybrid which I guess I’ve been unintentionally avoiding, mostly because there’s been so much other stuff that has excited me out there, but now that one is on deck, I’m looking forward to it. It’s not a prius, either. Think nicer.

Oh, I had a stack of photos from a 2010 Volkswagen GTI event at the Classic Car Club of Manhattan that I forgot about and feel compelled to post, if only because of one picture that brings a smile to my face. Take a look at this and try not to be warmed by the reflective glow.

That’s a happy man with event host Olivia Munn. The guy behind the camera was equally happy, but hides it well beneath a stone faced wall of jadedness who didn’t walk on a cloud for a whole day after the encounter at all (lest his girlfriend read his blog) . Denial aside, the event itself was fun, as these tend to be, focusing on the RealRacing GTI iPhone app that launched the day after. Here’s some shots of the car itself and subsequently pics of me getting my drink on:

See ya.

-Alex K-

Photos courtesy of RS Photo Lab


Vanderbilt Cup Autocross ’09


Hey Everyone,

Last week, me and my trusty Mustang participated in the 2nd annual Vanderbilt Cup Autocross, the exciting addition to the Vanderbilt Cup concours d’elegance. Here’s some photos and video:













-Alex K-


Monterey Car Week -August 14th!

Hello car-lovers. as mentioned before, another great car event is right around the corner.


If you happen to be on the West Coast, it’s in your best interest to attend. get all your info here:

Come back here and report your findings/share your pictures!

-Alex K.-


Tesla NYC & Roadster Sport


Amongst the Chelsea art galleries in NYC, you’ll find Tesla Motors’ latest showroom and New York presence. You may be thinking that a car dealership would be a garish addition to such a charming district, but you needn’t worry. Tesla, mindful of the fact that building structures willy-nilly is slightly antithetical to their whole environmentally-responsible nature, has integrated itself comfortably within the neighborhood.

The facility itself is nothing wild, just a simple space with a couple of floor models, places to sit, have coffee, and pick options for your soon-to-be ride. When asked if they plan to make good on the statement at the Model S reveal that the dealership would facilitate a functioning art gallery, a representative stated that they will indeed do so, but slowly progress into it. Oh, and expect the works to have an automotive slant. The rep I spoke to also conveyed a desire to have projectors broadcasting images from other Tesla facilities, so say the California location has an event, they can share the festivities across the globe. Also significant is that this location broadens Tesla’s service network on the east coast, having a place to bring your Roaster in to for any issues, and making more service techs available for house calls.


Also available was the opportunity to grab a first drive in the Roaster Sport, the 2010 Roadster with upgraded specs for your electric-sliding pleasure ( I went there).  Differences in this model are several little tweaks that make for a substantial improvement overall. Ergonomics in the 2010 models in general have been altered, such as moving the touch screen from the far left, near the driver side door, to the center, beneath the radio console. Gone is the vestigial gear-shift which has been replaced with push-button inputs that light up to inform you what “gear” the car is in. A removable hard-top is now available apart from the standard soft-top. The interior is imbued with stitching to match one of the varieties of color options available for the Roadster. Bluetooth connection is now available, and new sound dampers are in test that will make it usable with reducing the cabin noise.


Among the many new options, the Roadster Sport features a customizable suspension (mechanically, not on the fly) and an upgraded motor, upping the Roadster’s 0-60 speed from 3.9 to 3.7. not a drastic change, but improvement nonetheless. That’s also frighteningly close to Ferrari F430 territory, by the way, and that’s with perfect gear shifts. There’s also optional carbon fiber accents that do wonders to make the already sporty Roadster look more menacing. Yes, a menacing EV car. you heard it here first. The lack of power steering is still apparent, and the tiny steering wheel doesn’t help matters, but this is all minutia when you’re punching it down Manhattan roadways in a blur, stopping only for lights and inquisitive motorists. While it may be hard to notice the slight improvement in motor output, with the many colors, options and upgrades to the Roadster, it’s hard to ignore the fact that Tesla’s flagship model is shaping up to be a definite winner.

-Alex K-

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