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AutoKinesis is 2!!!

autokinesis collage copy

A year ago, there wasn’t even an AutoKinesis, it was just a blog that didn’t want to be called “blog,” a journal of all the things I had happen to me, which all changed thanks to some delectable apple pie.

What was once a silly blog with a silly name, then became something slightly serious, has become a chronicle of adventures and stories, a photo gallery of gorgeous cars, a forum of news and discussion, and more to the point, my own little slice of the internet that I get to hang out at and talk to you about cars.  Here’s a quick look back at all the things we got to share:

Whoo. I got tired typing that.

Many thanks to the people who make this blog happen, like Melissa for her editing (even if it’s just to point out misplaced caps and so forth) , and Victor for his photos (and both of them for being my partners in crime). Thanks for the commenters who give this blog life with their opinions, and most of all, a very sincere thank you all for reading. I am excitedly looking forward to what year 3 will bring, and I hope you all are as well.

Thanks Again!!!!

-Alex K-


A Winner!!!

Welcome to AutoKinesis!!!

While there were many, many entrees, this one stuck with me. so congrats to My MOM!!

That’s right, Mama K snatched the surprise win and she will receive her own Tootie Pie for her efforts as promised.

Since we’re on the subject of pies, those who entered and didn’t get one of their own shouldn’t despair. There will be many more chances to win a great big Tootie Pie of your own in the future. Plus, the holidays are around the corner and what do you think I’ll be stocking up on for dessert?

here’s a smattering of some runners up:

Soraya Navia:

  • When cars Learn To Tango
  • FLOOR IT!!

Rich Stambolian:

  • Gears and Beers
  • Car-lton Dance
  • Driven to Madness
  • and bonus points for most “car” in The Car-iest Car in the Car Car Car

Melissa Navia:

  • Notes from the Glove Compartment
  • Just Drive (so true..a close winner)
  • The Long Drive Home

Olga Navia:

  • “Musings from an Autophile” (Note: unbeknown to Olga, by entering and losing, she has agreed to join me in eating a 18 oz. porterhouse steak. get ready to get greazy!!)

There’s more than just a name change in store for this site. with the new year just around the corner you can be sure to expect:

  • More Car news and reviews
  • The header which will update with almost every post
  • More events, both re-capped and participation info
  • a *whole* lot of Vigilant Monkey updates and announcements
  • bullet points.

Thanks again for everyone who participated in the contest, it was a whole lot of fun and I’ll be doing plenty of them from now on. Another big thanks to Don and the whole Tootie Pie Co., and as always…
Thanks for reading!!!!

-Alex K-


Can’t talk…eating.



Make no attempts to lick the screen, this is only a vision of what’s to come.

That is IF you get your suggestions in by Sunday, November 16th!!

My thanks to Don for sending me my very own Tootie pie to devour and tease you with.

I’ll review cars later, after I finish this. ‘Scuse me.


Re-name this blog for Pie!!

While Blog still remains a silly word, it’s time to Re-name this particular one to reflect it’s automotive enthusiasts’ nature. Rest assured that anything interesting I come across outside the car community will still be here documented.

Now the fun part: the person who submits the best suggestion receives an apple pie for their efforts. Yes, a whole pie! courtesy of the folks at Tootie Pie Co. Upon winning, one apple pie or pie of the winner’s choice will be sent to thier home for immediate consumption and enjoyment.

(as long as they live in the U.S.)

It’s remotely possible that I might pick my own name for the blog, but a winner will be selected and sent a pie regardless.

Get your Blog name suggestions in by SUNDAY 16th to be eligible for Pie!!

and yes, there’s already an Autoblog, so try to be a bit creative, yeah?

-Alex K-