By Alex K.

Here’s a shocking admission: we don’t know everything about cars. There’s simply too much history, too many facts, and innumerable significant moments, both personal and public, that focus around the automobile to assimilate.

That won’t stop us from trying, though.

AutoKinesis is a car culture site born out of the love and fascination of the automobile with the goal of learning as much as we can, experiencing all we’re able to, and having as much fun with as possible while doing it.

At AutoKinesis, we wish to bring along whomever we can for the ride, be it the casual discussions, the heated arguments, tire screeching hoonage, white-knuckle speeding, or just drooling over images. Whatever we find out, or whatever ridiculous adventure we go on, we want you to be right there with us.

Enjoy yourself. Buckle in. And welcome.

All images and articles on the site are copyright AutoKinesis unless otherwise stated or provided by the respectful owners for press purposes.


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