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AutoKinesis updates for 7/17

Hi guys!

In case you missed it, here is some cool stuff we put up at AutoKinesis:


First Drive: 2011 Rolls Royce Ghost

I am certain that at some point, you’ve had a discussion with your friends or FinalGear contemporaries, the discussion of what cars you would drive if fame and fortune were immediately bestowed upon you. I know I have. It usually splinters into a conversation about the expensive car you’d want to drive and the car you want to be driven in. Say that, more realistically speaking, after hard work and saving, you had the means to get one or the other. What call do you make? Rolls Royce says that the answer lies in their latest creation, the Rolls Royce Ghost. Read More….

PAX 2011 Video!!


We took a little departure from our usual trips to car shows to check out the PAX East gaming convention and see what they had to offer for auto enthusiasts.

See The Video Here!