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No stranger to delays

I’m sure all of you know someone who is constantly spouting apologies for their tardiness, but it’s heard so frequently, you pay it little attention. I’m afraid I have to be that person again.

Things are moving swiftly on, our main site, however day jobs, occurrences, and life in general have really gummed up the works as far as updates and new posts, so I felt compelled to take a quick moment to write the small update.

There are a few reviews on deck that have yet to be completed. A car has been tested and photographed, yet a disgusting amount of time has passed since then with no article. I will indeed put this up by sunday (or monday).

Some Bentley news will be up shortly, more pics and specs of a new model, as well as other info that may crop up in the next few weeks. While AutoKinesis isn’t really an automotive news site, we still like to put up the stories and releases we find interesting and think that you would like.

Apart from what needs to be completed, there is a whole ton of stuff scheduled and on deck for the next couple of months that should make things very excited. I’m divided between anticipation and anxiety over all the planning that needs doing.

Right, back to work…

-Alex K-


Gonzo Was My Favorite Muppet: 2010 Nissan Cube SL

Let’s address the obvious first: The Nissan Cube is pretty eccentric looking. If cars attended middle school, the Cube would be mercilessly teased of its foreign appearance and ousted from any association by the cool cars. It would be forced to hang out with the other misshapen outcasts. The Cube would have lunch with the Aztek.

But out in the real world, it’s a different story: The Cube has many fans. Those that have gotten to know the Cube have found out how interesting it is. The Cube is “unconventionally attractive” and, unlike the Aztek (who, sadly, truly had some birth defect), people want to party with the Cube.

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