car fail videos- round 2

Hmm, we haven’t thrown up some car fail videos since last March. Let’s recitfy this. Here is some enjoyment at the expense of others: (NSFW language & beautiful car scarring).

The Anthony Hamilton school of car transport.

the infamous Veyron dip.

not a whole lotta fail here, just be careful with my precious Diablo. (not actually mine, a disclaimer for the thick).

“It’s gonna be quite a smokey show.” clutch, brakes, and tires each smell differently, champ.

Hey, wow, the cameraman wasn’t a laughing asshole this time.

He’s fine, actually, don’t fret. for him, anyway. the car? well…

Now let’s flip a Fiesta with McDonald’s trays…

I think this went as planned…?

sometimes all you can do is sigh…

and another Viper done. careful, we’re not making any more.

Then there’s this asshole. the fail is his knee. ( kidding, Matt. I couldn’t resist.)

-Alex K-


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