Getting Caught Up….


So what’s new with you guys? it seems slow here, post-wise, so I thought to give everyone a quick heads-up. as mentioned before, AutoKinesis turned 2 recently, and as such, is going through some kind of internet puberty. We’re experiencing profound changes that are new and strange to us.

The regular update schedule (meaning the at least 1 post a week schedule) is hereby suspended while we work out this exciting growth period behind the scenes. Here’s some of the stuff that’s happening:

  • There is now a true “we” as AutoKinesis is no longer a one man operation, and has been blossoming into an ever growing team. sweet!
  • domain name change soon, no longer the brutally long and complex address, but something simple to remember
  • new location. AK blog will still be running and gunning, but the main content will be on our very own site.
  • New stuff!! you’ll get the articles, pics and snarky commentary of old, but more videos, events and content.
  • new look, new logo (same name, we’re not taking a page from “SyFy” and calling ourselves “AutyoKinysiys”)

That should bring you up to speed for now. Let me make it clear that this isn’t one of those indefinite we’re-under-construction messages that people put up and disappear forever, the time frame for our metamorphosis is very specific. Plus, I’ll still drop news and hints here while we plug away at it.

Right, now back to work….

-Alex K-


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