Behind The Wheel: 2010 Mustang GT Convertible


The initial tricking stream of information about the 2010 Mustang  left a sour taste in my mouth, because as the old saying goes, ” If it ain’t broke, dont fix it,” and the Mustang was certainly not “broke” by any means. Ford, however, has seen fit to re-sculpt the exterior lines, re-design the interior, and tune up the suspension a bit. I had the chance to hop behind the wheel of the 2010 Mustang GT convertible and check out the final result for myself.

I had spent 4 consecutive hours in my ’08 Mustang getting to where I was to try out the 2010, so the differences between the two were, as you can imagine, immediately apparent. The steering wheel features an array of buttons for the driver’s convenience. Lines of the interior have been streamlined, with the air vents now integrated flush with the panel. The center console is taller and wider, accommodating a redesigned shaker stereo system, (LCD at the top rather than at the bottom) and air conditioning. The Keen-eyed will notice an AC outlet  between the central air vents to for easy mounting of dashboard peripherals, so one can set-up a GPS device (and only a GPS device) without wires snaking across the cabin. I personally was excited to see a dedicated trunk release button, as on the previous generation Mustang, the release is only on the key fob. The little things make me happy.

Hopping from one Mustang to the next, I was happy to hear the unmistakable exaust note has carried over. The 2010 Mustang GT retains the same 4.6L V8 as the previous, but has the improvements implemented in the Bullit variant, upping the horsepower  from 300 hp to 315 hp. Depressing the clutch pedal felt lighter, and that was possibly the most noticeable difference in the drive feel, as the suspension, which has been slightly upgraded, didn’t feel incredibly altered.


A rip through some mountain roads in a convertible Mustang is an experience to be had. With the top down, the driver can truly revel in the V8’s howl, which will rival the wind, depending on how much lead you have in your foot. It handles well enough through a bend, and in my brief time with it, I didn’t feel compelled to greatly explore the limits of grip, but again, the suspension felt only slightly different in this instance.

First impressions of the 2010 Mustang GT were good, as the car maintained it’s attitude, ferocity, and its “fun-to-drive-iness” (real word, I’ve just coined it). Like a wild woodland carnivore, I’ve had a taste and I’m hungry for more. Stay tuned for a full review when I get my hands on one for a proper review.

-Alex K-

1 Response to “Behind The Wheel: 2010 Mustang GT Convertible”

  1. July 25, 2009 at 1:27 PM

    I don’t like the color.

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