Punch Buggy

So I’ve been thinking about my Beetle.


Before Mustangs and journalism, there was my 2000 1.8 turbo Beetle, the Ska-pumping chariot that took me to many adventures all over South Florida and eventually New York.

Like most of us with a cherished 4-wheeled companion, I can’t begin to list you all of the experiences me and the bug have shared over the years, both inside and out (you’d be surprised at what can happen in the back of a Volkswagen).

What I can tell you is that the Beetle’s taken more than it’s share of knocks, seen a load of miles and been a source of immense joy and profound frustration.  and as a reward for years of service, it sits unused, broken and dirty, in the driveway.

When it was (barely) running, I could hardly stand to dispose of it in any way when it seemed prudent to do so, which was surprising at the time because it was around then that hated it with every cell in my body. The engine was copping out on me, the little bits were breaking, and slowly all the systems deteriorated to a level between working and completely broken. they just languished in that irritating technological state of limbo where everything has a trick to it or works just enough.

I got my Mustang and turned my back so fast on the Beetle, the trees swayed. Mom drove it for a while, but then it just wasn’t worth fixing and subsequently worth the risk. It was parked in a spot in the driveway, had the plates removed, and was left there to die.

Well, it’s coming on 10 years that I had the thing, and the Beetle has sat in its spot for so long, I’m almost blind to it now, but every once in a while, someone offers to buy it, or someone wonders just what I’m going to do with it and I quickly dismiss them. I still can’t let it go, heartstrings still firmly attached.

I went out today to give it a real good once-over and to think of just what do to with the damn thing. The battery has long since died. all fluids in the car need to be flushed and replaced. the body is filthy from enduring the elements and every exterior nook and cranny is filled with bits of earth. The engine needed work before, so by now I’m sure it needs significant attention. Tires, Flat. Interior is surprisingly just as I left it, like a time capsule of 2 years ago, with all the patina of a decade’s worth of experience.

It has since it was new, and to this day, smells like crayons.

The conclusion? It may seem crazy, but I want to fix it, and not only make it work, but make it better. I want to take the old Punch-Buggy and give it a second, more exciting lease on life. It won’t be easy since I have neither the money nor any mechanical skill but it’s what I have decided.

So here’s the deal, Internet:  If you have any desire to come and build my bug into something surprisingly amazing, if you have tools that are itching to be used, a spot in the garage that longs for a project, or any ideas as to just what we can turn this car into, contact me.

I’ll be chillin’ with my Bug.

-Alex K-

2 Responses to “Punch Buggy”

  1. May 20, 2009 at 9:29 AM

    When you get rid of the Beetle, try my EFFYH

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