More to come…

I’m being lazy in regards to actually writing the test drive, so I thought I’d talk a bit about the shoot.


this car was red, but it was cold.

The weather is a random factor in the scheduling of test drives and it is hard to plan around them. What good is a performance car if the weather is shit and you spend the whole test period going 30mph? the review then turns into how much you liked the interior. Indeed, it’s even hard to get test drives this early in the year because PR figures logically it would be a waste of time to send their 500+mph  RWD supercar to the northeast in January.


V walks the plank.

Fortunately, the weather was forgiving when we had the Audi, and it worked out quite well for both the shoot and the test that it snowed late in the week. I got to drive the car in a variety of conditions, and during one of the heavier snow storms, we had a gorgeous natural setting for a shoot.

moving for the plow again...

moving for the plow again...

We took the Audi to a remote part of the neck and took as many shots as we could before we froze. Driving though the back roads in such fresh snow, the area didn’t seem real. I felt like driving through a stunning Macy’s christmas window display.

The spot we picked was by the water and out of the way. It’s remote location and the weather made thing easy as far as traffic or interruptions, save for a couple times we had to move for a plow. ( which plowed our scenery away…) and the times we had to wipe down the car.

We ended up with a great number of shots and it was hard to narrow down the best ones. I’ve been spending time photoshopping towels and footprints out.

-Alex K.-

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