I run first thing in the morning. If I didn’t, I’d find some reason not to go. I have to do it while I’m asleep

-Melvin Van Peebles


Call it “holiday pounds” or the “off season” or whatever, the fact is that I’ve done next to no routine training of any kind for a month or so. Yeah, I’ve gone on the odd run and done a handful of sit-ups, but I’ve found budgeting my time for training next to impossible during the holiday season. Well, it’s over now and I don’t have any excuses except getting the (butter)ball rolling again can be a bit of an effort.

I’m a bit anxious about my lack of training because I have Chinese New year approaching rapidly, and I need to get fit quick, otherwise O’l black lion might need a breather mid show.

Also, in just a couple months (April 25th, to be specific), Adventure race season starts up again.

Then the 5 Boro bike tour is a favorite of ours…

and before you know it, it’s Urbanathlon time again.

Plus everything in between. So, I got myself a little runner’s calendar to keep me in check and track just how much I can sweat off in the precious few weeks I have, as the rest of my comrades have been doing for at least 2 months. yeah, it should be humbling. I’m getting out of breath just typing about it.

-Alex K-

1 Response to “Chub-thumping”

  1. December 31, 2008 at 2:48 AM

    I’m always so proud of you, handsome. You’ll be in even better shape than you’ve ever been in no time. Let me know when you need your running/exercise/adventure race partner to help keep you moving =)

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