2008 F1 Champion: Lewis Hamilton

Just a few moments ago, Lewis Hamilton secured the mother of all last minute saves at the very last corner of Brazil’s Interlagos making him this year’s Formula 1 champion.

As far as final results go, I think this one will be hard to top for a while (indeed, this was quite an amazing season as well). I can’t say that I prefer McLaren over Ferrari, or vice versa, but I was definitely in Hamilton’s corner this year. Last year’s hollywood-worthy drama made the fight between the two top teams only sweeter, or bitter depending on how emotionally invested you are in one or the other. all of that is summed up fantastically in this article of WIRED, one of the most intriguing pieces I’ve read in a while, made richer by being all completely real. Hamilton was on the short end of many penalties and it seemed to some that the stewards really had it out for him, yet he managed to persevere, regardless of his self sabotaging impulsiveness. Massa (whom I don’t particularly like, but is a fantastic driver) had his equal share of hardships, too. He sometimes schooled himself on the track, put some people out and continued, and had to endure the pit crew’s wildly disastrous performance.

But in the end, Massa won his hometown race, Hamilton one a well deserved championship, and the best car, Ferrari, took the constructor’s championship. You couldn’t have asked for a better end. well, Coulthard could.

I’m left a little bummed only because it’s all over with for the year, and I had genuinely enjoyed myself all these Sundays.

… But at least Top Gear starts in an hour 🙂

-Alex K-

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