Lamborghini Estoque: My knee-jerk reaction

Autoblog (and probably everyone else at this point) has images of the Lamborghini Estoque, fresh from the floor of the Paris Motor Show. Check them out here.

I’m hesitant to admit this, but I’m pretty underwhelmed. Like its arch rival, Ferrari, the “mighty bull” that is Lambo is indeed a sacred cow, especially around my house (or sacred non-gender specific bovine, if you’re going to split hairs). To say, as I just did, that I don’t immediately love the newest Lamborghini incarnation is akin to some as saying you’re not too thrilled with the new pope: some people would have no qualms whatsoever to express this, but such a thing causes eyebrows to skyrocket among the truly devout.

Appropriately enough, I recently had a conversation with my Dad about one of his most beloved cars of his day: the Espada. I have heard my Dad go on and on about the Espada many times, over many years, which he does in such reverie, I half expect each of his laudations to end with “…but she left me, and I settled with your mother.” I don’t even think he had one.

At the end of this recent instance, I felt that I could stand no more, and I finally said, with great difficulty: “the Espada was ugly.”

“What?” said my Dad.

“Dad, the Espada was hideous.” I said, with a choke. My brother, also present, looked on and said not a word. After a (tense) pause, my dad responded with “mmyeah, but man it was a great car” to which we all sighed and agreed with, in a stammering rabble kind of way.

And that’s how I feel now, I feel compelled to speak non-positively about another blasé, odd-shaped Lamborghini, and I can feel my stomach knotting.

I’ll qualify it now by saying that this is my initial reaction, and I’ll probably feel different when I see it in person, and I’m sure the performance figures are great, etc., but I don’t think I like it.

Whoo. There, I said it.

Incidentally, I showed the Estoque images to my dad, who simply uttered “hmm…I dunno.”
Some things never change.


1 Response to “Lamborghini Estoque: My knee-jerk reaction”

  1. 1 blufaction
    October 2, 2008 at 8:42 PM

    It lost some of the Lamborghini appeal along the way.F/R views make it look aggresive, but the midsection could be further developed. I think it looks good enough, but not stunning. Let’s hope Aston does better with the Rapide.

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