V- Cup All Stars

Wow, it’s been a while. Sorry ’bout that.

Waaay back last year, one of my first forays into freelance writing was an interview with Guy Frost, lifelong racer, event organizer, and all round nice guy. I was getting some content for an article that would promote his annual Vanderbilt Cup Centennial Celebration, a Concours D’elegance of cars with racing pedigree and a couple speed runs around the Nassau County Museum of Modern Art’s back road. It’s one of the best events to see authentic vintage cars and modern sports cars in action, there is literally something for everyone. I spoke to Guy for a couple hours about cars and racing, frantically thinking up topics of discussion since I had exhausted my preprepared questions rather quickly and I was enjoying myself far too much to stop. The drive home from that interview was when I decided that I wanted to write about cars for a while.

Guy and I have kept in touch since then, so this year I signed up to participate in this year’s V-cup celebration. Due to a scheduling issue, the event ended up being divided into two days’ worth of activity: one would be the good ‘ol V-cup celebration at the NCMA on Oct. 19th, and the second (or first) would be a celebration of the Long Island Motor Parkway that was held yesterday at Roosevelt Field mall in Garden City. The location was no coincidence as a stretch of the Motor Parkway ran right through there. A concours was held in conjunction with an autocross that I participated in, with V as my “crew”. The day was spent among a bevy of tire squealing muscle cars and ludicrously nimble sports cars making run after run. This made the day of many husbands and boyfriends who were dragged into a Sunday shopping day at the mall, who came to spectate, with a couple even registering as late entries.

Bucephalus and I recorded our official best at 20.6 seconds, beating that with a 20.5 during the afternoon of fun runs. The best time overall was made by a Honda S2000 CR with a mind blowing 17.9!!

Here’s a boat load of pics:

Ferrari 348

Left to Right: Shelby ’06 GT-H, ’66 350-H, ’66 350

1902 Oldsmobile

This Squire SS didn’t just come to sit around…

…She came to play!

Porsche 911 going sideways

300 SL !!

This guy just showed up at the mall. seriously.

This mini was sooo close to getting the top time of the day.

This beast of a z28 was putting lap times in the 18’s

See you in October!


1 Response to “V- Cup All Stars”

  1. September 24, 2008 at 1:16 PM

    I’m glad I got a chance to see you in your element that day…you and Bucephalus looked awesome!!

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