Gear. part 1

I can’t pinpoint the exact moment it happened but I fell in love with “Top Gear” much like a high school student falls mad over the head cheerleader. ( which brings to mind Julie Silver, but that’s a whole other blog). Everyone’s got their favorite shows, be it “Lost” or “Friends” or “Seinfeld”, and I had shows I very much liked, but none I could point to and call my favorite.

So one evening I meandered over to Discovery channel, like I do, and saw possibly the most amazing footage that I could relate to. There were these British guys, three of them, and they decided to see what was faster, public transport or a car. To determine the victor, they decided to race from England to the south of France, two of them using the Eurotunnel or “chunnel“, and one in a car, notably the Aston Martin DB9.

I’m going to say it again: they were racing a train against an Aston Martin DB9. If this does nothing for you, it fuckin’ spoke volumes to me.

So there they go, two men on a series of trains and buses en route to Monte Carlo while a third gentleman speeds towards the south of France in his Aston, and along the way stating how docile the DB9 can be until you really want to put the pedal down, where it erupts in a burst of speed and engine roar, to which the driver says: “This is how you beat the French: by shouting. Raaahh!!” I proceeded to listen to how another of the 3 men stated how he enjoyed his recently purchased used Bentley T2 because he liked, among other things, “the strip of chrome down the bonnet, with the weird, winged ‘B’ thing down the end”.

People romantically speak of love at first sight, but it’s after this episode, the first that I had ever seen, that I truly and completely fell in love with Top Gear.

This instant attraction was immediately preceded with the question, what the hell is Top Gear? Well, to sum up, it’s a show about cars from the UK that decided to produce a season on the Discovery channel here in the U.S.

For the next couple of months, I had a favorite show all to myself. Like a UFO witness, I excitedly raved about a show that races rally cars against bobsled teams at Lillehammer, or had an Apache helicopter maintain missile lock on a Lotus Exige, which, as proclaimed by the presenter, was “ driven by an idiot.”… himself.

This was “Top Gear,” an exciting, funny, cool, self-deprecating, educational, interesting BBC program, and for that brief period in 2005, it became my favorite show in the world. I realize I’ve said this a couple times already, which I do to emphasize how important this show became to me. at the end of it’s run here in the U.S. I frantically Emailed Discovery to find out just when the show would return, to which they replied: (oh yes, I saved this email)

Thank you for your interest in Discovery Channel’s “Top Gear.” The “Top
Gear” series was 15 episodes and ran its pattern.
At this time, there are no plans to continue the series, but if this
changes we will begin sharing a new air date and time. Your comments will
be forwarded to our program management and executives and will be taken
into consideration.

We hope that you continue to tune-in to Discovery Channel for new and
exciting programming, such as the second season of “Deadliest Catch”
on Tuesdays at 9 PM, “Mythbusters” on Wednesdays at 9 PM and some great
stories about survival on Fridays at 9 PM.

The Bastards! the absolute bastards!! You gave me the best show in the world for 15 glorious episodes and then took it away from me, and all you have to say is “hey, check out these guys catching crabs.” I’ve never fed a steady supply of heroin to someone over the course of 15 weeks and revoked it from them, but I imagine my experience would be akin to that.

Fast forward to now. A day doesn’t go by where I don’t watch at least a part of the 10 seasons that have aired in the UK, which I have been forced to acquire through the internet. I read the magazine, I kept up with the hosts, I even learned about Richard Hammond’s near-fatal crash on my Blackberry 3 jobs ago, when I had a more substantial amount of hair. yes, that long ago.

the actual Fark.com headline: Wed September 20, 2006

Sad TopGear presenter Richard Hammond critically injured attempting British land speed record in jet-powered Vampire

I’ve spent a lot of daydream time since then coming up with my own version of “Top Gear,” spending a lot of real time coming up with possible segments and looking up locations of where the show could be based out of. Like a fantasy football team, I’ve carefully researched potential co-hosts for the show over the course of a couple years for the moment where I approach the powers that be and pitch them my own US version of Top Gear.

You can imagine, then, what I had to say about this.

whatever is a die-hard fan to do?

To be continued….

2 Responses to “Gear. part 1”

  1. April 9, 2008 at 10:16 AM

    I love reading your blog, because I am still baffled by half the things you say.. haha it never gets old… (half the time i dont get it which is why i love it so!!)
    see ya booger

  2. 2 Yaya
    April 9, 2008 at 5:41 PM

    aww they haven’t brought the show back? aha those British guys are pretty funny. I’m glad you found a love of Top Gear, I too have an obsession…with monkeys =]


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