The Eye and the Shark


The other day, I went to the office and for seemingly no reason, I developed the worst headache I’ve had in a long time. as the day progressed, the pain increased to a point where I was literally wincing and moving my head as if someone just punched me “upside it”, as it were. I sat and waited for the extra strength whatever I took to do its thing when Robert came over and brought up an interesting point: “maybe someone gave you ‘the eye’. ” He may have been right.

There is a… superstition of sorts that is shared with many European cultures, either due to geography or through religion. It’s known as “the eye” or, if that wasn’t spooky enough, “the evil eye.” And if you believe it or not, its not as scary as it sounds, unless you’re saying it while holding your hands up and doing the creepy fingers thing while you say it. How it works is if someone you see has ill wishes for you, most especially if they’re jealous, they give you “the eye” and they wish you bad luck or you physically feel like total crap for seemingly no reason.

One example is when I worked at this mortgage company briefly last year, a company of young Greek men started by a guy named Billy. One day, a guy Billy & crew knew came by our office and, if I’m remembering this correctly, they all used to work together in a previous company, so when Billy & co. branched off to form their own firm, he was… misled, and they went into business for themselves behind that guys’ back. At any rate, he stopped by to visit and everyone was very pleasant, but the second he left, everyone leaped from their seats and immediately started flinging holy water at everything because they were scared that he gave us all “the eye” and doomed the office to failure. (scary side note: guess what isn’t there anymore.)

I mention that office because we collectively ogled car websites and discussed our dream cars daily. Billy in particular like do use this point to motivate us by saying we would earn enough in a year to get them. I mentioned to him that I hope to get my Mustang GT/CS sooner than that, to which he would chuckle in a smug way and say ” forget it, wait a year and you can get the Shelby 500KR. me? I’m going to go get that new Maserati, the Gran Turismo.”

Time passed, and I went on to do other things. I got my car and, knowing the fate of that company, I really doubt Billy got his. Yesterday, I got that too.

….For about an hour, anyway. I test drove the Maserati GranTurismo and this time, I wasn’t alone. I picked up the car with Melissa at Ferrari/Maserati of L.I. and headed to the back roads of my neighborhood for a good ol’ thrash. The car is quite striking when you see it in person, and this one looked like a big, purple nurse shark. On the way home, we took the time to bask in the luxury of the “Maz”, admiring the embossed Trident on the shifter, walnut trim, and leather with contrasting stitch. We dug the center computer console which housed the navi radio and phone, with a corresponding screen in the gauge cluster for me.


The interior was as comfortable as it was good looking (although, I have to say I wasn’t thrilled with the colors in this particular car). It’s been a long time since I’ve sat in a car with such a comfortable driving position. Really, I’m at a loss for words to describe it.

Cruising into town, I was itching to see what this 400+ bhp Italian V8 could do, so I opened the taps and let it loose, and it was as if awoke posideon himself by kicking him in his scalely ass. We overtook a bus and a couple cars as we glided through the town with a torque heavy dash and a roar like you’ve never heard before. Melissa said herself that she doesn’t really get excited over engine notes like we do, but she loved the sound this car made.

Grabbing Victor, and commenting that “itsa preety car” in our best Italian voices, it was time to see what that “sport” button did. The suspension became considerably tighter, and the engine became a true beast as we set out across the windy shore roads of my neighborhood. giving it the beans while paddle shifting, the car grips through a curvy road like the shark it resembles, it just bites hard and never lets go.

Driving this car, and I mean really driving it, gave me a physically pleasant sensation throughout my body. this car can do that. We gave it our all for the next hour, gunning it and swimming through turns like they were nothing until our necks were sore from being pushed back by the torque. We drove back in complete silence because there was nothing that needed to be said. this car had it all; the looks, the toys, the performance. I’ll say sincerely that the only cars that will top this will be a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. No Mercedes, no Bentleys, just pure Italian bred, performance spitting machines.

I’m going to get some asprin and a cross.


1 Response to “The Eye and the Shark”

  1. 1 Yaya
    March 1, 2008 at 2:24 PM

    Wow. The whole ‘evil eye’ story is pretty scary. But is there like a specific face you have to make for it to work? If i knew how to do that, boy would this world be empty.


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