Smurfette of the north and heroes of old…shows.

I have a question: when did videogame producers get crazy cute?

And the producer of Assassin’s creed, no less. Game producers are usually eccentric Japanese guys or white guys with patchy hair and voluminous belly buttons filled with cheeto crumbs. I think we have a smurfette situation here.

Too bad she’s canadian.

There’s also an interesting thread going on at FinalGear’s forums titled “Car heros of your childhood.” I have indeed added my two cents, quite possibly and completely inadvertently in order of influence. What are your car past car heroes? what are your current ones? tell me. tell FinalGear, too.

I’m going to have the Magnum P.I. theme stuck in my head all day now. sweet!


1 Response to “Smurfette of the north and heroes of old…shows.”

  1. 1 melissa celeste navia
    January 13, 2008 at 5:43 AM

    if you ask me, she looks more crazy than cute… =P

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